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Porlezza - aan het Luganomeer


The famous Lake Como is the deepest lake in Italy. The dark green water is surrounded by forests, colorful flowers and foothills of the Alps.


 Lake Como is a lake in Lombardy. With an area of 146 km², it is the third largest of the Italian Alpine lakes and is of glacial origin. It may have been formed as early as 1.8 million years ago. The lake is 198 meters high and has a maximum depth of 425 meters.


The lake is shaped like an inverted letter Y. The western arm has the most spectacular shoreline and is therefore the most touristy. The northern shores are rougher and less touristy.

Lugano city

In general, Lake Como attracts a more classy and exclusive crowd than the other well-known lakes such as Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore . Lake Como has only one island: Isola Comacina. An island with a rich history and one of the most important archaeological sites in northern Italy. Lenno is a quiet village in a bay of Lake Como . Lenno has a popular public beach and archaeological excavations from the Roman era of Isola Comacina.

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